About Us

Hostel JIN

Hostel JIN is a weekly apartment / shared house in Osaka, Japan. (Minimum 3 nights ~)

All rooms are private for maximum 2 guests, and a lounge / kitchen / toilet and shower is shared.


You can make a booking from minimum 5 nights. (For the short stay (less than 5 nights), please check "Short stay" page)

Hostel JINは大阪のウィークリーアパート / シェアハウスです。(3泊から予約受付中)




Room Info / お部屋情報

Rooms are all private / furnished and has free Wifi

Each room has a free wifi, washstand, microwave, fridge, desk

Private terrace is open 24 hours (Non smoking)

Furnished shared lounge used to be a cafe & bar

What is in the room

*You need to prepare : tooth brush, hair comb, pajama, you have to wash towels to reuse (washing machine and laundry dryer are free to use)


Free & Unlimited at

Non Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in the rooms & any space of the accommodation

Bills (Gas, Water, Electricity)

Included in Price

*Share house plan will charge the bill of electricity separately. Check "Share House" page for more info.

Photos / ギャラリー

Beds for 2 people


Work desk




Staff room

Stairs between Lounge & Room floor

Room floor's hall

Shared Kitchen

Shared Toilet (M/F separate)

Shared Toilet (Male)

Shared Shower (M/F separate)

Shared Washstand (M/F separate)

Shared Washing Machine